Femto LASIK & Ultra LASIK

What is Femto-LASIK & Ultra-LASIK

femto-lasik laser vision correction-

The Femto-LASIK procedure is similar in many ways to that of classic LASIK. The main difference is in the preparation of the corneal flap. In classic LASIK, this is cut with the microkeratome (small cutting blade), while in Femto-LASIK, it is cut with the femtosecond laser. Both the femtosecond laser and the excimer laser are triggered via a computer.

Dr Ahmad Khalil was one of the first users of the intralase (femto-lasik) system, when it arrived to Egypt
Dr Khalil was one of the first users of the intralase (femto-lasik) system, when it arrived to Egypt

So, femto-LASIK as performed by Dr Khalil is an all-laser LASIK procedure. The femto-laser is recorded to be a safer, more accurate way to perform the first step of LASIK surgery, which is superficial corneal flap creation. Because of its unsurpassed accuracy, it is ideal for those with relatively higher prescription or relatively thin corneas, Its unique bevel-in flap edge creates a more secure flap and improves healing beyond older forms of the microkeratome, and hundreds of our patients attest to its results


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Femto-lasik (ultra-lasik, ilasik) at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo Egypt

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the Femto-LASIK, iLASIK

femto-lasik, iLASIK

Good Enough For NASA astraunauts! Maybe you should take a second look at Femto-LASIK! The same iLASIK technology that was approved by NASA for its astronauts is available at Dr Khalil Eye LASIK Center in Cairo, Egypt, and it is affordable, too!

iLASIK is a revolution in LASIK surgery. It represents the pinnacle of blade-free (Femto-LASIK, with fully customised laser vision correction, and is one of the premium LASIK solutions available in the world today. With the introduction of the iLASIK procedure, LASIK has become even more predictable, precise and safe than ever before – with over 10 million procedures successfully performed worldwide with great results. At Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, we now make this fast, virtually painless, affordable, and accessible procedure.

The customised wavefront Femto-LASIK operation

Steps of Femto-LASIK, custom-LASIK

The iLASIK Procedure uses tried-and-trusted wavefront technology to correct vision; the same technology used by scientists at NASA and other agencies for space research and exploration. NASA, recently allowed its servicemen and women to undergo laser vision correction to correct their vision; as a result of clinical studies performed using iLASIK Technology.

iLASIK outcomes are enhanced by iDesign, a technology that personalises your treatment to achieve the very best results. The recovery time for iLASIK patients is speedy too, allowing you to start living life to the full almost straight away.