Steps of Femto LASIK & iLASIK

What is iLASIK?

Dr Ahmad Khalil was one of the first users of the intralase (femto-lasik) system, when it arrived to Egypt

The femtoLASIK iLASIK procedure takes only minutes. FemtoLASIK steps reshape your cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in your eye (these imperfections are essentially the reason why near or far images could be distorted and blurry). And when Dr Khalil performs your iLASIK procedure, each step of your treatment will be completely integrated and fully personalized, utilizing advanced vision correction technology.

– iLASIK is 100% blade-free – combines all the latest all-laser technology.

– iLASIK can correct a broader range of vision errors, so more people than ever can enjoy clear vision without glasses and contacts.

– Highly effective – the majority of patients experience 20/20 vision or better.

– iLASIK has been over a decade in the making, and is trusted by thousands of doctors and millions of patients worldwide.



The first step in the Femto-LASIK iLASIK procedure is to perform a wavefront diagnosis using the WaveScan WaveFront system. Your eye is unique—as personal as your fingerprint or your DNA. The iDesign WaveFront system creates a 3-D map that provides detailed information of your vision correction requirements to develop a personalized laser vision correction plan.



The iLASIK procedure exclusively uses a femto-laser process called the IntraLase method to create a personalized thin LASIK flap that is folded back in preparation to the following step, which will be the actual treatment of your vision error. Studies have shown that flaps created with the IntraLase method have fewer complications and greater stability than flaps created with a blade.



Once the LASIK flap has been made, Dr Khalil uses a second, ultra-precise “cool” laser, the Advanced CustomVue laser to gently reshape the cornea and correct your vision to the exact specifications of your unique vision profile, based on the digital information from your personalized iDesign WaveFront map aquired in step 1. With your laser vision correction made, Dr Khalil will reposition the LASIK flap created in step 2, and your iLASIK procedure is complete. Many people sit up and immediately notice dramatically better vision.

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