Vision Correction Options

Vision Correction options for glasses-free vision

Today’s active lifestyle demands visual performance that we can rely on, night and day, with freedom from glassed and contact lenses. Some professions simply can not go well with glasses or contact lenses. At Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, we  offer various Vision Correction Options. After thorough consultation with Dr Ahmad Khalil, he will advise what will be the bestvision correction option for your case


LASIK, UltraLASIK, FemtoLASIK are forms of laser eye surgery intended to reduce a person's dependency on his glasses or contact lenses

ICL implantation by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo


implanting a second lens without removing the naturally occurring lens to correct refractive errors:


exchanging the naturally occurring lens by an artificil lens with the appropriate power to reduce or nullify dependence on glassest:

As mankind has always longed for better vision, knowledge and technology has evolved to achieve this goal, and bring forward several excellent vision correction options.
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The modern revolution of eye surgery has brought about several vision correction options, which can cover most of the spectrum of vision errors. These vision correction options broadly include: laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK, iLASIK, FemtoLASIK, ..), phakic lens implantaion (ICL; EVO, Artisan, …), and refractive lens exchange (RLE).

With these vision correction choices proving outstanding results, when done correctly for the suitable case, Dr Khalil now recommends you consider vision Correction if you have trouble with your glasses or contacts, or have a strong desire to see better without glasses.

Vision correction is not for everyone. You must meet certain guidelines to achieve the best outcome.

When laser vision correction proves not to be the best option for your eye condition, other vision correction options like implantation of specially designed lenses over the normally present lens (ICL and other kinds) become an excellent option.  

Refractive lens exchange (RLE); which involves removing the natural lens and implanting an artificial lens with the correct power will be the best option for some cases. This intraocular lens can sometimes be a multifocal lens, which allows good eyesight at both far and near distances with no need for glasses on either distance. Similiarly, toric lenses can be implanted in cases with higher degrees of astigmatism

What is best suitable for whom?

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