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If you have an eye cataract..

If your vision has faded as a result of cataracts, your likelihood of recovering more youthful vision with modern cataract surgery is exceedingly high, and you will likely enjoy a rapid recovery of enhanced vision with little disruption to your lifestyle after cataract surgery. 

Dr Ahmad Khalil during a live surgery transmission from his operating room in Cairo to the World Ophthalmology COngress

Modern advances in cataract surgery and its skills, as well practiced by Dr Ahmad Khalil, have significantly bettered its outcomes.

The recent addition and success of various intraocular lens options that can be implanted during modern cataract surgery like: multifocal, trifocal extended depth of focus (EDOFs) intraocular lenses, and toric intraocular lenses has helped in the simultaneous correction of presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. These developments in cataract surgery have proved to be a huge leap forward in the outcome following cataract surgery. They offer a much better quality eyesight. As is the case with many of the patients operated by Dr Khalil in his clinic in Cairo, Egypt, these lenses can free the patient from the need to even reading glasses addition after surgery, and justifiably enough have added the name REFRACTIVE to modern cataract surgery.

When cataract or lens opacity are significant enough to interfere with your daily activities, then it needs to be removed. Modern cataract surgery in the form of small incision PHACO cataract surgery and foldable (soft) lens implantation (including the new multifocal lenses) is currently the best recognised procedure for the management of cataract. This is done by Dr Khalil in some of the best centers in Cairo, and patients get out of the hospital in the same day.

The Cataract Surgeon, Prof Dr Ahmad Khalil

The best experience in cataract surgery

Among the leading best cataract surgeons in Cairo, Egypt, Dr Ahmad Khalil is accessing all the cutting edge developments in modern cataract surgery, coupled with continuous knowledge updates in the best known big international conferences concerned with cataract surgery around the globe (here shown during a Live Surgery transmission during a World Ophthalmology Congress).

You will have a full consultation with Dr Khalil before your cataract suregery, following which, your best options will be decided

After undergoing full consultation with in-office testing by Dr Ahmed Khalil and some other measurements, cataract operation is usually scheduled in an outpatient surgery center. Anesthesia is provided by a highly specialized anesthesiologist, and medical clearance is required from your internist. Most patients can expect to spend several hours at the surgery center, however the procedure itself usually takes less than 10 minutes.




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