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ICL implantation by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo


The ICL is a very fine and delicate lens, which is implanted inside the eye over the normal lens to correct vision errors. Dr Khalil use the ICL to correct short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Naturally, he performs this after fully judging suitability. The ICL is the best choice he offers to his patients who require ultra-precision in their visual demands. That’s because it gives excellent vision quality when done properly.

The ICL is a synthetic lens to be implanted over the normal human lens (phakic intraocular lens). It is inserted between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. The ICL is capable of correcting a wide range of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism without the removal of corneal tissue.

The ICL is invisible & undetectable!

As the ICL (implanted contact lens, implantable collamer lens) is tiny and soft, it is folded up and injected inside the eye through in seconds through a tiny self sealing opening. Once injected, the ICL unfolds into position in the liquid between the iris and natural lens. ICL corrects the eyesight usually without any further treatment being necessary (the ICL can also be removed or replaced, if required, in another simple procedure).

Advantages of the ICL

The ICL requires a lot of meticulus evaluation for each case to judge suitability at first, then many accurate measurements have be to taken for the eye very accuately to decide the precise measurements of the lens to be implanted. This does not involve only the lens power but also theaccurate dimensions of the ICL.

Dr Khalil mentions that when these measurements are taken seriously, the ICL can offer vast advantages for optimum and excellent vision quality after the lens implantation:

  • Unlike laser viosn correction, which usually result in some form of dry eye in the first few months, ICL implantation is less likely to cause dry eyes.
  • The ICL provides excellent night vision.
  • Recovery after ICL implantation is usually quick because it does not involve tissue removal.
  • Although the ICL is meant to be permenanent and is rightly so in the vast majority of patients who undergo this vision correction procedure, it can be removed rather easily in the very rare occasions when needed.


The ICL provides very predictable refractive outcomes and best quality of vision due to its placement inside the eye, as well as its optical performance. The lens is made of a superior lens material called Collamer® which provides unparalleled biocompatibility and is accepted by the eyes as not being a ‘foreign tissue’. This means that the body does not react or reject the ICL as a foreign body. Other special features of Collamer are its optical clarity and the flexibility and elasticity that allow it to be folded up and then to recover its correct shape in the liquid inside the eye. This lens has been successfully used since 1993, and still have undergone significant improvements since then.


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