For Whom the ICL is Suitable

For whom the ICL or phakic lens implantation is Suitable

ICL implantation by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo


Dr Khalil will examine your eyes thoroughly, and give you the best advice and best and most suitable option for your particular eye condition and particular lifestyle needs. Judging the suitability and properly implanting an ICL requires a skilled and experienced surgeon

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Lens or ICL implantation is suitable and becomes the best options in several situations

Generally, lens and ICL implnatation is suitable and becomes the first and best choice in high degrees of refractive errors (short-, long-sightedness and astigmatism. Additionally, ICL implantation is suitable for moderate and low errors if LASIK is not suitable because of thin corneas or due to other reasons.

Dr Khalil mentions that when these measurements are taken seriously, the ICL can offer vast advantages for optimum and excellent vision quality after the lens implantation:


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