What is the best vision correction method?

What is the best vision correction method for your case?

What is the best vision correction method? lasik or lens implantation

It is of utmost importance to make the best correct decision as to the suitabe option for vision correction. There is no absolute or easy answer for the best suitable vision correction for each individual. 

Some cases will benifit best from LASIK or other forms of laser vision correction, while others will be more suited to lens implantation, beit ICL implantation or refractive lens exchange (RLE)

When you visit Dr Khalil Eye clinic, Dr Ahmad Khalil will make a thorough examination of your eyes condition and after a full consultation, will decide what will be your best option for vision correction with his expert opinion

What is best suitable for whom?

You will need a thorough examination and consultation with the expert opinion of Dr Khalil who will advise what will best for your case based on your vision error and lifestyle

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