LASIK Consultation with Dr Khalil

Your first LASIK consultation with Dr Khalil

To achieve the best possible results, proper treatment selection is step 1 in Vision Correction. A full comprehensive eye examination is mandatory to determine what is best suitable for your eyes.

decision making LASIK consultation

Your decision to have laser eye surgery is an important one, and we want you to make an educated choice. After making the preliminary decision, you are expected to visit the Eye of Cairo Clinic for a full examination and LASIK consultation by Dr Khalil, and a thorough discussion for your needs and expectations to determine whether you are a LASIK candidate, and if it is the best choice for you

You will have a 30-90 minutes for this decision making LASIK consultation directly with Dr Khalil. During this LASIK consultation,

The success rates are astoundingly high. Patients are encouraged to have a detailed consultation with Dr Khalil prior to the day of surgery.

For the best results of LASIK, at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic you will be well tested to ensure suitability

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A wide range of eye care procedures is offered at the best standards at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo

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