LASIK Treatment in Cairo

My LASIK Treatment in Cairo


During my year in Cairo, I sometimes wondered about the possibility of laser correction for eye vision. But, I was busy working and never found time to pursue this.

I returned to the UK in April and started making enquiries about treatment using the internet. Laser treatment is fine for long and shortsightedness, as well as astigmatism. The laser is able to remove microscopic amounts of the cornea and so change its shape which corrects the eye-sight. There are trials now to correct age-related loss of reading vision (presbyopia), but sofar I think this is still experimental. It is also important that your optical prescription has not changed in the last two years.

I booked a “free” consultation with one of the companies offering this treatment in the UK. It is necessary to have a thorough eye examination and to allow plenty of time to discuss your expectations with a consultant. So I had allowed the whole day for this visit. Incredibly, on arrival at the clinic, I was told that the optician was not available, and that the appointment would have to be rescheduled! Now the cost of this treatment in the UK is about £2000 and this level of service is just appalling. Needless to say, I did not return.

I spent a gentle Summer in the UK. On the plus side, we won the ashes and Wimbledon tennis was quite good. On the negative side, we had terrorist bombs in London. The cost of everything had gone through the roof. Bureaucracy had crept back into Government departments with a return to the 60’s era.

My laser vision correction in Cairo

So I was being drawn back to Cairo and decided to book a ten-day break at the end of October. And then I thought why not get the eye treatment during my stay? On the internet, I discovered Dr Khalil at the Saridar Clinic in Dokki. A number of emails later, a consultation was planned. Dr Khalil willingly offered assistance with transportation at no additional cost. After a comprehensive eye examination and discussion, it was agreed that I could go ahead with the treatment the following day. The latest wavefront laser to be used at a clinic in Mohandiseen. The cost of treatment being about 25% UK rates.

The procedure took about 15 minutes. There was no pain whatsoever. In fact the process was quite psychedelic and a bit like going into space and back again. For a few hours after the treatment, vision is blurred as the eyes readjust. But the benefits are soon realised with more improvements the following day.

Laser treatment cannot be for everyone. Dr Khalil does not recommend treatment for people with high optical prescriptions or if there is any evidence of cataracts developing. He is able to answer your questions through the clinic site

I am also happy to share more details of this experience at

(regrettably back in the cold and wet UK)