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Dr Ahmad Khalil; A lifetime dedicated to the treatment of glaucoma in children or congenital glauoma in Cairo, Egypt

testimonials present form Menna many years after her successful congenital glaucoma operaion by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo

This page contains messages from parents of children who had their congenital glaucoma operations done in the Eye Clinic of Dr Ahmad Khalil, and they graciously have chosen to share them with this website visitors. Dr Khalil wishes to thank everyone who sent or thought to send these kind words, indicative of the graciousness of the sender, and might be more than what’s deserved. They have been posted as sent..

Testimonials from parents after treatment of their children congenital glaucoma

Dear Dr. Ahmed Khalil, We would like to express our genuine gratitude for your dedication to our daughter's case. We thought we'd share our experience here if you don't mind. Our daughter, Zeina was diagnosed with children glaucoma (Primary Congenital Glaucoma). We did lots of research and Dr. Ahmed was the most recommended to us. He was honest, direct and really helpful explaining the case as extensively as possible. After the successful operation on the first eye, the second was successfully done too. In regards to our worries and concerns, Dr. Ahmed was very understanding and really helped us through them in a very patient and approachable manner. We even sent him weekly photos to review her eye progress, he was very welcoming and keen on following up on her case. We now consider him as part of our family for all the good he's done for us. We do highly recommend him. Regards
Zeina had her operations for congenital glaucoma in both eyes at Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, with excellent successful results
Dr Khalil eye clinic friend
To Dr Ahmad Khalil With sincerest regards and appreciation, we would like to thank you for taking care of our daughter Wessam's case. She was suffering from congenital glaucoma since she was born. We owe you for all you have offered to us and to her of moral support, frank explannations and description of her case. We would like also to express our appreciation for your care and bearing our anxiety and concerns, your patience to our questions and concerns regarding our daughter condition in every time we come from Aswan to your eye clinic, and your answering our many phone calls from Aswan whenever we had questions in between examination visits. Our best thanks for the esteemed Professor Dr Khalil, whom we consider a dear friend. We pray to God for your continuous health and happiness, as you brought happiness to us and to our daughter to enjoy her childhood, and for helping us to pass times which were difficult and painful. With all appreciation and gratitude Parnts of Wessam Mostafa, Aswan
Wesam, 2 years after having her congenital or childhood glaucoma surgery by Dr Ahmad Khalil
Dr Khalil eye clinic friend
A tablet from the parents of Fajr from Saudi Arabia, who had her successful congenital glaucoma operations done by Dr Ahmad Khalil Thanks and appreciation to H. E. Dr Ahmad Khalil It is our obligateion to offer you words of Thanks and appreciation. But we stand short of being able what to write! We put a Jewl on a jewl and a ruby on a ruby to mae a chain of appreciation verses for your kind self for all what we had of your interest and care during the operations and treatment course of our daughter We wish you everlasting prosperity and progress. parents of Fajr Al-Joraibi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Fajr from Saudi Arabia had her child glaucoma operation after birth, and is yearly following up at Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye clinic for the past 14 years
Dr Khalil eye clinic friend
Years after having her congenital glaucoma operated and treated successfully by Dr Khalil in 2003, Menna one best friend of Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, is paying a visit to her friend Ahmad Khalil with a present she carefully chose. Menna is the girl shown for many years on the site and in some publications having her eye pressure measured in Dr Khalil office while slightly under 1 year of age.
Menna had her 2 eyes operated for congenital glaucoma after birth. Her eyes condition is excellent outcome and yearly following up at Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye clinic in Cairo Egypt since 2003
MENNA, Egypt
Dr Khalil eye clinic friend

The number of cases of children glaucoma operated by Dr Khalil is one of the highest figures in the world for congenital glaucoma surgery. This is also due to many referrals from various primary and secondary care eye doctors and centers.

Some of the happiest momentsfor Dr Ahmad Khalil are when young teenagers, who were inflicted with congenital glaucoma at their birth, visit him, many years after having successful operations for their congenital glaucoma on their eyes, their congenital glaucoma.

testimonials present form Menna many years after her successful congenital glaucoma operaion by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo
Ahmad Khalil receiving a lovely present from one of his best friends, Menna, who had congenital glaucoma operations by him soon after her birth
Martha from Nigeria had her congential glaucoma operation by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo, Egypt. She had this surgery for childhood glaucoma 1 week after birth
18 years after having successful child glaucoma surgery at the age of 1 month after birth at the congenital glaucoma clinic of RIO which Dr Khalil founded in 1998
18 years after having successful child glaucoma surgery at the age of 1 month after birth at the congenital glaucoma clinic of RIO which Dr Khalil founded in 1998

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عينان كبيرتان بسبب الجلوكوما الخلقية
had bilateral congenital glaucoma operations at Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye Clinic
in 2003, at the age of 1 year, one year after her congenital glaucoma operations
moderate congenital glaucoma treated at Dr Khalil eye clinic in cario
after congenital glaucoma operations
Glaucoma in children is treated by surgery
left eye getting smaller (was the bigger eye) after cngenital glaucoma operation