Glaucoma in the Young (Juvenile Glaucoma)

What is Juvenile Glaucoma

glaucoma in young adults

Glaucoma is essentially a disease of the elderly, however there are rare instances in which it can affect other age groups, like congenital glaucoma which is a rare occurrence in newborns. Another age group, in which glaucoma does occur, though rarely, is a young population starting from older children to the age of 40. This is what is usually called juvenile glaucoma. Similar to glaucoma in the infant or congenital glaucoma, glaucoma in young adults is caused by malformation of the angle of the eye. Glaucoma in young adults can also result from some other eye diseases like inflammation or trauma.

The angle of the eye in juvenile glaucoma as illustrated in a lecture by Dr Khalil

The problem with glaucoma in this young age group that it is more often than not missed, as it does not produce any symtoms to be felt by the patient, till very late in the disease. In the same time, the eye pressure in this young adult age is not commonly or routinely assesed by eye specialists.

When you come for consultation with Dr Khalil, he will thoroghly examine your eyes, to fully make sure that every aspect is within normal limits.

Various opinions exist as the best way to manage glaucoma in young adults. It is diffinitely not the same as in adult glaucoma. Dr Ahmad Khalil is performing his modified trabeculotomy procedure espicially suited for these young eyes, with excellent success rates.

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