Early diagnosis of glaucoma

How to protect your eyes against glaucoma by a simple test that can lead to early diagnosis of glaucoma and its subsequent proper treatment
eye pressure measurement for glaucoma at dr ahmad khalil eye clinic

In many instances, there are no symptoms or warning signs for glaucoma espicially in its early stages. That is why Dr Khalil strongly recommends routine eye check ups, which can occasionally be the only way for the early detection of the so-called silent thief of sight before the occrrence of any serious damage related to glaucoma.

Measuring eye pressure is a simple test that can detect early cases of glaucoma. There are several modern and effective methods for measureing eye pressure. The most accepted method of which involves application of a simple anesthetic drop in your eye, then approaching the eye with a blu light instrument, which gives highly accurate readings in most cases.

In addition, Dr Khalil will also check the back of your eye to examine the shape of the optic nerve inside, which is responsible for transmitting whtat you see with your eyes to the brain. This nerve can be damaged with eye pressure rise, and this should be detected the earli;est possible.

When diagnosed early enough, proper treatment of glaucoma wehether by topical medicines or surgery, can preserve excellent sight

angle examination in glaucoma at dr khalil eye clinic

Examining the angle of your eye, which is responsible for drainage of the fluid inside the eye continuously, is another examination which Dr Khalil will perform for you in case there is any doubt about glaucoma

Dr Khalil highly recommends the following timings to meaure eye pressure at various ages

New Born infants: Newborns are routinely examined by Pediatricians (children doctors), if ever needed, they will refer to the eye doctor for eye pressure mearement

Before age of 40: Once

Between 40 and 50: every 2-3 years

After 50: Once a year