On My LASIK operation in Cairo

My LASIK operation at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo

By Henning Fiedler
on my LASIK operation at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo

These are thoughts on my LASIK operation at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo

As individual with short sighted eyes doubled with astigmatism, I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Khalil several times for regular check-ups and other minor issues with my eyes. During my professional assignment as consultant in Kosovo (Eastern Balkans) I used to drive a lot and that would obviously tire my eyes quite a lot. For night drives I noticed that my glasses needed to be cleaned before every ride other wise the headlights of other cars would resemble stars in my glasses and reduce visibility and awareness considerably. While treating a small eye infection in the German army hospital in Kosovo I got worried when the medical officer said that my glasses would only give a visibility of 60%. So I thought ”it’s time to pay a visit to Dr. Khalil”. 

When we discussed the issue I asked about laser operation and so on. Dr. Khalil had introduced the subject months ago when we talked about developments and suggested that as a possibility but never insisted since I was not really sure doing this step. When I asked him this time, he explained to me in a very professional way what was possible and what not. He further explained the different steps and every question I had found an answer that was more than satisfying. After one night of thought, I called him to set an appointment for the lasic operation that we agreed upon.

It was not without apprehension that I went to the eye clinic early April 2008. I never had any operation so far in my life, and now I would do one voluntarily on one important organ. The cleanliness of the clinic and kind attitude of the personnel confirmed my thought that Dr.Khalil is a professional in every, dedicated to the nitty-gritty things of his job and completely committed to provide his patients with the medical support they need with a manner and humanity that is pretty unique. After being introduced to the operations room, Dr. Khalil tried everything possible to make me feel comfortable and during the operation he provided all information about what he was going to do next.

With the post operational recommendations in mind, I went home, rested and started measuring the difference at awakening the next morning. It was like opening to the world with new eyes. What an overwhelming difference it was. I could now see the signs on the street instead of shades of colors on other shades of colors. What a pleasure not to have to make the move to shift the glasses up to the top of the nose bone. What a pleasure not to have small frames to the side that limit the vision of the world. As Dr. Khalil mentioned, I needed to change glasses to standard reading glasses. There are no miracles to be performed he said, and a 100% recovery would bear some risks. Again, his down to earth advice was proven right and of inestimable value. It took me days to stop wandering around and see the world with my new eyes and enjoy it like a child. Driving at night was now easier, and watching a movie without getting bothered by the frames in the vision became as sweet as a Turkish delight.

Looking back at now six months after the operation, I can say that this was one of the best decisions I ever took. There no troubles what so ever and it is sheer amazing what a difference it makes.

Without the person and professional that is Dr. Khalil I would probably still wear my glasses today. I can only recommend paying a visit to Dr. Khalil and hear what he says about your eyes and what he advises. The decision is still yours. And no matter how and what you decide it will be the right one.

My deepest thanks to Dr. Khalil for his help in changing my life and my perception of the world!

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