Congenital Glaucoma and Dr Ahmad Khalil


Dr Ahmad Khalil has been very actively fighting congenital glaucoma for more than 25 years in Cairo, Egypt. He has successfully operated on more than 1500 surgeries for children with congenital glaucoma from Egypt and other parts of the world. Many children from Arab and African countries are brought by their parents to Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, well renowned for the surgery and treatment of congenital glaucoma. 

The number of casees of congenital glaucoma operated by Dr Khalil is one of the highest figures in the world for congenital glaucoma surgery. This is also due to many referrals from various primary and secondary care eye doctors and centers.

Dr Ahmad Khalil has wrote many book chapters in international glaucoma books about congenital glaucoma, its explannations, its treatment, and the modified operation he has been sucssfully performing for hundreds of congenital glaucoma infants since 1998

Dr Khalil is propagating the knowledge about congenital glaucoma in almost all national, regional, and many international meetings, in Egypt and abroad, and is being invited in many prestigious locations around the world to present his understanding and surgical technique on congenital glaucoma

Some of the happiest momentsfor Dr Ahmad Khalil are when young teenagers, who were inflicted with congenital glaucoma at their birth, visit him, many years after having successful operations for their congenital glaucoma on their eyes, their congenital glaucoma.

Menna many years after her successful congenital glaucoma operaion by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo
Ahmad Khalil receiving a lovely present from one of his best friends, Menna, who had congenital glaucoma operations by him soon after her birth
Martha from Nigeria had her congential glaucoma operation by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo, Egypt. She had this surgery for childhood glaucoma 1 week after birth
18 years after having successful child glaucoma surgery at the age of 1 month after birth at the congenital glaucoma clinic of RIO which Dr Khalil founded in 1998

Thank you for taking care of our child with congenital glaucoma

Messages from the parents of children who had their congenital glaucoma operated by Dr Ahmad Khalil

This child has been operated successfully by Dr Khalil in 2003, more than 11 years ago. She is being followed up ever-since with a favorable outcome.

Dr Khalil examining a child who had congental glaucoma operations before at the Glaucoma Service he is operating in the Cairo Research Institute of Ophthalmology

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