Treatment of Glaucoma to control its effects on the eye and its vision is possible, with various options that should be tailored each to individual case.

Glaucoma is broad entity with many intricacies inside its diagnosis and suitable lines of treatment. Dr Khalil, after full evaluation of your case will decide what is best for your particular glaucoma situation. often, just the use of one eye drop once a day might be all what is needed for your treatment!

What is the best treatment of glaucoma; medicines, laser or surgery?

In recent years, the tools available for the treatment of glaucoma, has undergone a phenomenal expansion. This is thankfully due to to the development of new medicines, and new surgical techniques and devices. All has contributed immensely to the fight against this impeccable disease.

Depending on the type of glaucoma, its best suitable treatment can be either medicines, with the use of various forms of eye drops or different kinds of surgery

The treatment of glaucoma using anti-glaucoma eye drops:

In many cases, glaucoma can be controlled using eye drops that reduce the pressure inside the eye. Dr Khalil will recommend the most suitable regimen for you based on your condition, which can range from only one kind of eye drops once a day to several kinds of eye drops taken simultaneously. Glaucoma management with eye drops requires your commitment, because they must be taken regularly and continuously to be effective.

Laser can be used for the treatment of glaucoma in some situations

– laser treatment of glaucoma in Cairo, Egypt, Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye Cliniclaser

– treatment of glaucoma in Cairo (iridotomy), Egypt, Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye Clinic.

Certain types and stages of glaucoma respond very well to simple laser treatment, and it can be all what is needed for some cases.

Glaucoma surgery can be the best option for the treatment of glaucoma in some cases

If the use of eye drops is not good enough to lower the eye pressure as required, and also in particular types oof glaucoma even with no trial of eye drops , glaucoma surgery is used to create a new channel to allow fluid to drain out of the eye. Glaucoma surgery is usually very effective, and you may even find that you need no further glaucoma medications after surgery.

The Ongoing Treatment of Glaucoma:

It’s important to remember that glaucoma, once diagnosed, will, in a sense, be there for the rest of one’s life. While there are many effective treatments available, you must take your treatment as advised, and have regular check-ups to make sure that you eye pressure is maintained within safe levels for the health of your eyesight. Glaucoma surgery, if thought useful will reduce to a large extent the need for closer follow up visits.


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