Intracorneal ring implantation

Implantation of Intracorneal rings

corneal rings for corneal ectasia and keratoconus
corneal rings for corneal ectasia and keratoconus at Dr Ahmad Khalil eye clinic in cairo egypt

Intracorneal ring implantation (INTACS, Kera Rings, and others) involves placing clear plastic segments into the cornea in cases of irregular corneas including keratoconus or corneal ectasia.

They typically only partially correct the optical defect present by making the cornea more rounded than conical. So additional optical aids or surgical intervention may be required with intracorneal ring Implantation to obtain full visual correction.

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When intracorneal ring implantation is useful?

Intracorneal ring implantation for keratoconus at Dr Khalil Eye CLinic in Cairo, Egypt

The implantation of intracorneal ring segments become very useful when  put in the suitable case. We have to remember that eyes with keratoconus need very tailored treatment for each individual.

Dr Khalil performs Intracorneal ring segments implantation by first creating a curved tunnel in the cornea by the advanced technollogy of the Femtosecond Laser, instead of the classical mechanical system, rendering the operation more accurate, with much superior outcome. 

Steps of Femtolaser corneal ring implantation


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