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Procedures offered at Dr Khalil Eye CLinic

...How do we see determines how we perceive the world around us...

improving your quality of vision, Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo 
Eye Examination

Comprehensive Eye Consultation

Full eye consultation, with comprehensive evaluation and discussion regarding your eye condition, giving advice on recommended further investigations if needed and then best course of management for your particular situation.

lasik in cairo to get the best vision possible without glasses 


Laser Vision Correction is a major breakthrough revolution in modern medicine. It enables a glasses-free clear eye sight. Its unsurpassed precision is capable of splitting a human hair vertically into tens of finer threads.

زرع العدسات لتصحيح النظر

Lens Implantation without removing the naturally occurring lens (Phakic Lens Implantation)

Phakic lens implantation become the procedure of choice. There are several options for this kind of treatment. Though the costier, the ICL has been demonstrated to obtain better visual outcomes compared to Lasik for higher dgrees of errors. Long term data has confirmed safety of this modality.


Glaucoma; on the road to its defeat!

Glaucoma is a sight threatening disease. It is often called the silent thief of sight, as it can in some cases produce significant damage to the nerve of the eye with no symptoms. Modern medicine has made giant leaps in its treatment and surgery

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Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a cloudiness that develops inside the lens of the eye. The techniques and technology of its surgery have made great leaps in recent years. Small incision PHACO surgery and foldable (soft) lens implantation, including multifocal lens implantation are just some of the modern advances Dr Khalil is offering to his patients


Keratoconus Management

Management of the conical cornea or keratoconus has made revolutionary leaps in the past few years, mainly by the introduction of corneal cross linking (CCL, X-linking), new surgical modalities like intra-corneal rings, and deep lamellar keratoplasty or corneal grafting.

Eye Examination

Contact Lenses

We fit and dispense most kinds types of contact lenses. Our range of contact lenses include conventional soft lenses, wide spectrum of disposable and Rigid Gas Permeable(RGP).

Eye Examination

Laser Treatment of the Retina, and Avastin/Lucentis Injection

Medicine is a science and art and above all a direct human relation between a patient and his doctor. All information in this site are intended to support not to replace the direct physician-patient relation.

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