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Keratoplasty, Corneal Grafting

Corneal transplantation or keratoplasty is a surgery to replace an opaque or diseased cornea with a clear corneal tissue from a donor

A number of conditions can be treated with keratoplasty, including: the conical cornea or keratoconus,  Cornea scarring, caused by infection or injury, Clouding of the cornea, corneal ulcers, including those caused by infection, or due to complications caused by previous eye surgery

 Dr Khalil performs corneal transplantation usually using general anesthesia in the operating room. He uses a circular blade (trephine) or a laser to remove a full-thickness disc of most of the cornea and fixes a new disc of clear human donor cornea in its place, using ultra-fine, ultra-strong sutures.

Dr Khalil Master Thesis at Cairo University back in 1989 was on an advanced technique on keratoplasty, the triple procedure. Since then, he has been performing this advanced surgery and following its tremendous developments and to date.

The corneal tissue used in keratoplasty is obtained through eye banks. Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo gets donor corneas only from reputable US Eye Banks, with full quality certification, and meticulus details of the donor condition. Corneas come from recently deceased donors who have no history of known diseases or other factors that would affect the chance of success of the donated tissue or health of the recipient.
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