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The most advanced LASIK in the world is here

إقرأ عن عملية الفمتو ليزك (الإنتراليزك) باللغة العربية

LASIK in Dr Ahmad Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, Egypt

iLASIK is the most recent breakthrough in laser eye surgery. This is an all-laser LASIK or  IntraLASIK, which is is a safer, more accurate way to perform the first step of LASIK surgery, which is superficial corneal flap creation. Because of its unsurpassed accuracy, it is ideal for those with relatively higher prescription or relatively thin corneas, Its unique bevel-in flap edge creates a more secure flap and improves healing beyond older forms of the microkeratome.

Dr Ahmad Khalil uses visx customvue for his wavefront customized lasik treatments

Dr Khalil is committed to providing his patients with the newest and safest state-of-the-art technologies. It is to be stated that the regular microkeratome LASIK is still a very successful operation, because of the coninuous advances in its technology. The outcome difference between intralase LASIK and microkeratome LASIK is is not huge in most cases. Our high tech refractive surgery instrumentation, including the more accurate IntraLase laser in combination with the VISX S4 femtosecond laser ensures our patients that they will have the highest-quality laser vision correction available. The Pentacam scanner is always utilized as a diagnostic tool to help ensure a safe and precise surgical outcome.

Customvue lasik treatment a Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, Egypt

Dr Khalil is using the latest generation echnology of CustomVue and femto Laser; namely the Intraase IFS™150 Intralase.

This custom IntraLase™ method uses two different lasers to create a safer experience and a more precise result. Dr Khalil is among the first vision correction specialists to offer this modality of treatment. He is currently using its safer and newest iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser. After full consultation, Dr Khalil will suggest to you whether IntraLASIK is right for you!

visx  customvue lasik system used by dr ahmad khalil in his eye clinic in Cairo, Egypt

The first step of the two-part all-laser IntraLASIK process is to create a button-sized corneal flap on the surface of the eye. In classic LASIK, this step is done by another precision system called the microkeratome. In Intra-LASIK, the laser allows light to focus on a small central point beneath the corneal surface to create the flap from the inside out. where thousands of microscopic bubbles are formed. The iFS IntraLase™ laser greatly improves the precision and accuracy of flap creation, and eliminates most of the serious complications and risk of dry eye experienced with the microkeratome blade used in classical LASIK.

Following Intralase flap creation, CustomVue procedure is carried out

CustomVue system combines the technologies of the WaveFront and STAR S4 Excimer Laser systems for high-definition, high-accuracy LASIK vision correction. CustomVue makes it possible to perform customized refractive surgeries using information gathered from your own eyes. This allows the laser treatment software to correct the very specific refractive errors that obscure your vision for you to enjoy the best post-operative vision quality possible. Other benefits of the CustomVue process include faster treatment time and no need to dilate the pupils.

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Femto-LASIK (IntraLASIK) in Cairo by Dr Ahmad Khalil

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"I want to thank you for being God's hand in giving me back my sight, such a bless that is worth a fortune. I can’t find words to express my gratitude and gratefulness. The procedure was a piece of cake, it was a painless journey that I feared so much until I was only comforted by your confident and calm voice explaining every step and making it so much easier"

Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, Egypt

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