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Meet the doctor Dr Ahmad Khalil in a cataract surgery meeting in Poland

Among the leading eye doctors in Cairo and the Middle East, Dr Khalil has worked as an ophthalmologist in some of the best eye hospitals and centers in and outside Egypt.....

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From the back-aleys of Cairo in Egypt to distant countries, many people choose to come here for consultation and to have whatever might deem necessary for their eye condition

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The Eye; this is our window to the world around us, know about it, preserve its light, and insight... In coming pages, you will find useful information on your eyes

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Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, personalized QUALITY EYE CARE in every aspect.


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an international eye clinic in Cairo

By simply striving to offer the best possible eye care, tailored for each individual case, based on learning from major international universities and centers, and congresses, Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, Egypt prides itself to be a truly international eye clinic and center offering various procedures of modern eye surgery, with visitors seeking eye care services from literrally each coner of the globe.

Vision Correction:

Laser Vision Correction is a major breakthrough revolution in modern medicine. It enables a glasses-free clear eye sight. Its unsurpassed precision is capable of splitting a human hair vertically into tens of finer threads. It is not suitable for all cases, however, and for those, modern lens implantation come to the aid..

Glaucoma; on the road to its defeat!

Glaucoma is a sight threatening disease. It is often called the silent thief of sight, as it can in some cases produce significant damage to the nerve of the eye with no symptoms. Modern medicine has made giant leaps in its treatment and surgery

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Comprehensive Eye Consultation

When you come to visit Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, you will have a Full eye consultation, with comprehensive evaluation and discussion regarding your eye condition. Dr Khalil will then give you advice on recommended further investigations if needed and then best course of management for your particular condition, whether it is some eye drops, laser treatment, advanced surgery, or simply some reassurance. When needed, operations are carried out in some of the best eye care centers and hospitals in Cairo on international standards

LASIK and Vision Correction

Today’s active lifestyle demands for visual performance that we can rely on, night and day, with freedom from glassed and contact lenses. Some professions simply can not go well with glasses or contact lenses, like pilots, professional sportspeople and others. LASIK can offer glasses free excellent vision to over 80% of refractive vision errors. When lasik is not suitable due to higher errors or some other causes in the eye, lens implantation comes in handy, and highly effective. It is actually the preferred procedure by many surgeons and patients.

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Modern Cataract Surgery

The techniques and technology of cataract surgery have made great leaps in recent years. Small incision PHACO surgery and foldable (soft) lens implantation, using no sutures is currently the best recognised procedure for the management of eye cataracts. In the past few years, Dr Ahmad Khalil started offering his patients in Cairo the option of using the new multifocal intraocular lenses like the ReSTOR and other premium lenses. These multifocal lenses help overcome the reading and near distance difficulty after cataract surgery. He is also increasingly implanting the new toric intraocular lenses, which can correct not only the error of refraction, but also higher degrees of astigmatism.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma is a serious sight threatening disease. Dr Khalil Doctoral thesis in Japan was on glaucoma. Since then, he has a very wide range of publications on the subject, including glaucoma book sections in international reference Ophthalmology books, surgical atlases, explaining his surgical techniques. As he is pioneering a successful surgical technique for the management of the difficult glaucoma in the newborn and infants, he has many cases referred to him from all over Egypt as well asother countries in the World.

Keratoconus Management

Management of the conical cornea or keratoconus has made revolutionary leaps in the past few years, mainly by the introduction of corneal cross linking (CCL, X-linking), new surgical modalities like intra-corneal rings, and deep lamellar keratoplasty or corneal grafting. Dr Khalil has participated in several meetings during the development era of these techniques, before their introduction in the practical field, and has incorporated all these new tehniques into his practice together with well established techniques for keratoconus management like hard contact lens fitting.

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Medicine is a science and art and above all a direct human relation between a patient and his doctor. All information in this site are intended to support not to replace the direct physician-patient relation.

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