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solar Eclipse and its effect on Eyes

كسوف الشمس الجزئى كما سيرى فى سماء القاهرة

Partial Solar Eclipse as  seen in Cairo


رؤية الكسوف من خلال فلاتر خاصة تصفى الأشعة فوق البنفسجية

Special filters are necessary to see the solar eclipse without injuring our eyes


On the afternoon of 3rd November 2013, solar eclipse will be witnessed in Egypt and most parts of Northern Africa, southern Europe, and extending west to parts of Northerrn and South Amerrica. The question always come about the effect of directly looking into the solar eclipse on eye health. Well, sun rays normally contain a lot of ultraviolet (UV) rays, but as the human eye cannot look into the bright sunlight more than a few seconds, these rays usually do not cause any harm. In the case of eclipse, we can more easily look directly into the sun, and our eyes can receive much heavier doses of direct UV rays, which can inflict serious damage to the retina in the back of our eyes. It is therefore mandatory, if we want to enjoy the sight of such unique phenomenon to use specially designed filters to block these UV rays..



African eclipse 2001 courtesy of Rick Bentley

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