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Disposable Colored Contact lenses

moderate congenital glaucoma case
With the perfect blend of need and trendiness, colored contacts can bring out a new personality inside you by altering the way your eyes look. Whether creating a brilliant first impression or forcing eyes to catch you at all events, distinctive color contacts are helpful in such matters and fun to wear.

Waicon TriKolor (monthly)

Waicon TriKolor cosmetic lenses utilize an innovative technology in contact lens fitting to offer you six different attractive looks. Waicon TriKolor lenses are available with medical prescription that fits any vision correction.

TriKolor - an easy, healthy, comfortable and affordable way to create a new look every day. Waicon TriKolor contact lenses are available in six amazing colors: gray, green, blue, hazel, blue gray and dark green.

Freshlook ColorBlends

FreshLook ColorBlends are disposable cosmetic color contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. FreshLook ColorBlends are ideal for a subtle change and a beautiful look. Three-in-one technology blends three colors into one. FreshLook color contact lenses are designed for daily wear with nightly removal and proper cleaning. You'll love the freedom of crisp, clear vision, and the enhanced comfort of FreshLook ColorBlends

moderate congenital glaucoma case

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