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Congenital Glaucoma (Glaucoma in the Newborn)

إقرأ عن الجلوكوما الخلقية باللغة العربية

 Congenital glaucoma is a rare disease caused by rise of the pressure inside the eye of the newly born or infant. The rise of eye pressure in congenital glaucoma eyes, if left untreated, can seriously damage the eyesight by continuously presssing on the head of the optic nerve, the nerve responsible for transmitting the visual implulses seen by the eye to the brain.

congenital glaucoma case with large eyesIf your child is diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, rest assured that everything possible will be done for the best outcome for his future at Dr Khalil Eye Clinic in Cairo, Egypt, a clinic with vast experience in dealing with this rare, but important type of glaucoma that can affect young children.

Glaucoma in children can be 'primary', meaning that it happens with no particular reason for it. This is termed 'Primary Congenital Glaucoma'. Sometimes this condition can be inherited, if both parents carry some particular gene. Usually, this occurs if there parents are related by blood. This is the most common cause of glaucoma in children. Glaucoma usually affects both eyes but can affect only one eye in other cases.moderate congenital glaucoma case

On the other hand, glaucoma can occur as a result of another eye problem. These types of glaucoma are called 'Secondary Glaucomas'. There are many types of secondary glaucomas, like glaucoma that can occur after surgery for congenital cataracts. Other entities include Sturge-Weber Syndrome, Uveitis (eye inflammation), Aniridia (absence of the iris) and Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome (otherwise known as 'anterior segment dysgenesis').

In congenital glaucoma cases, due to the elastic nature of the infant eye, it yields to pressure rise and swells gradually resulting in enlargement of the eye, and in more advanced cases, fluid is pushed through the cornea (the transparent part in front of the coloured iris), leading to its cloudiness and grayish discoloration. Because of this abnormal fluid inside the cornea, the infant becomes very intolerant to to bright light, and his eyes tearing.

Dr Khalil has been very actively fighting congenital glaucoma for more than 15 years. He has successfully operated on more than 1000 surgeries for children with congenital glaucoma. This is one of the highest figures internationally for this rare disease. This is also due to many referrals from various primary and secondary care doctors and centers.

Congenital Glaucoma and Dr Khalil

Symptoms and Signs of congenital glaucoma.

large eyes in congenital glaucomaevaluation of congenital glaucoma case by Dr Ahmad Khail before undergoing surgerymoderate congenital glaucoma case

A explained earlier, in congenital glaucoma, rise of the pressure in the infant's eye leades to its enalrgement, and pushig fluid inside its cornea causing its whitening and intlolerance to light. It is, therefore extremely important to seek expert medical advice if the parents see/suspect any of the following signs in their baby.

  • Abnormal enlargement of the eyes at or after birth
  • A difference in size between the right and left eyes of the newborn
  • extensive tearing of the eyes espeicially in bright light
  • intolerance to, and eye squeezing in bright light
  • greyish (or bluish) discoloratioon of the eyes.

Dr Khalil examining an infant who had a successful children glaucoma surgerry

Dr Khalil is examining a 1-year-old baby with a special instrument with no anesthesia. This relies on building mutual trust between Dr Khalil and his young friends in the first times of examination, and the indspensible role of the mother in teaching her infant and giviing her the sense of security.


Dr Khalil examining an infant who had a successful children glaucoma surgerry Dr Khalil examining an infant who had a successful children glaucoma surgerry

Full evaluation of infants with congenital glaucoma requires anesthesia. As the child grows up, and with properr teaching, examinaiton can be done in the office

Treatment of Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital glaucoma cured in this child operated just after her birth by Dr Ahmed Khalil

Congnital glaucoma cured in this child who has been operated successfully by Dr Khalil in 2003, more than 11 years ago. She is being followed up ever-since with a favorable outcome.

in the clinic of congenital glaucoma established by Dr Khalil

Dr Khalil examining a child who had congental glaucoma operations before at the Glaucoma Service he is operating in the Cairo Research Institute of Ophthalmology in Egypt

Read letters and comments from parents of children who had their Congenital Glaucoma operations

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